Nov 16, 2008

Surgery Preparation

Well the day is approaching for my surgery and as scared and worried as I am, I am also grateful and very much looking forward to when I feel better and regain my self esteem, movitivation and energy.

I'm asking for anyone that could spare some prayers, energies, and positive thoughts for a successful surgery and healing in recovery.I will be at Renown Hospital in Reno, NV if anyone is curious. My surgery is Wednesday the 19th of November, I will be checking in, in the am and my surgery will be around noon PST. I should be inpatient 3-5 days then home.

The orders are for 2 weeks of absolutely no duty, and of course that doesn't mean I can't type on the computer, LOL. Following the 2 weeks, I will have 4 weeks of light duty before things are on their way to normality, or normality for me, LOL.

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~C~ said...

Sending prayers your way vicki - I hope all goes well.