Jan 23, 2009

It's Been Such a Blah Week for Me

WOW, it's finally Friday and I guess I should be jumping up and down. Actually Friday means very little to a work at home mom & wife. Saturday is just a day to try and accomplish more of our required mom, wife and business duties, but with the challenge of doing it all around the bodies at home because they are out of school and work.

Pretty much the entire week I've felt so down, worse than last week and I've started taking my depression & anxiety meds again. I don't want to leave my house, I want to accomplish so much and yet every morning I look outside this week, it's gloomy and today even rainy, I decide it's better just to lay down on the couch and cover up with my blankey. My blankey is a warm pink, white and black heavy aphgan my mom crocheted for me.

To top off the blah feeling, my body still hurts and aches from my surgery and the complications, the doctor said some people take a year or two to feel like they did before and some never do. Is that some light at the end of this dark tunnel I'm living in or what? LOL.

Anyway, hoping life gets brighter or the dark tunnel gets shorter so I can see the light. I want to feel better, maybe I need sunshine & spring. I hope the economy turns around for everyone, I know I need business to pick up so I can contribute more to our financial situation and get some of the things we fell behind on caught up, since we fell behind because I was sick, then surgery, then all the complications. Yeah I put blame on me for this and probably shouldn't, I know if someone else was telling me they were feeling what I was, I know I would tell them it wasn't there fault, things happen and getting well and recovering is alot more important.

Tonight I tried a couple new recipes, ones I saw on Food Network and was excited because it was something new and I spent hours literally, well guess what, hubby wasn't thrilled with it, the girls liked only part of it and nobody said, "thank you." I guess it's part of mom & wife job duties *sigh*

Ok, I'm off to post to business ads and try and make a schedule of goals for tomorrow's day.

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