Mar 2, 2009



Accountability means accepting full responsibility for the
consequences of our actions, and facing ourselves with the highest
degree of integrity.

Accountability is not an easy challenge. It requires us to exit our
comfort zones, and to fully recognize all of our hidden motives,
agendas, and excuses. In a society that tends to focus on blaming the
other guy, it becomes increasingly important for the individual to
take responsibility for his/her own thoughts and deeds.

Universal law states that for every action there is an equal reaction.
Those that recognize this fully appreciate the responsibility for
every thought, word, and action they take. With this wisdom comes
forethought, restraint, and awareness of intention. These moments of
honesty and ownership give a sense of empowerment that can't be found
in continually playing the role of victim. Although it can be
difficult to face situations with total honesty, it feels good when
we do. Accountability is the first large step in reclaiming personal
power and freedom.

What To Do:

Pay attention to an area where you have not accepted full
accountability for your actions (and we all have at least one if we
are honest). How have your thoughts shaped your intentions and
actions? Reflect on this and then make a statement accepting
accountability for your role in this. How does this action affect you
emotionally and spiritually? Have you allowed others to have power
over you? Even when we are wronged by others, we have a choice to do
the right thing, or to justify the wrong ones.

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Military Momz said...

Great post! Accountabiity is something I value very highly along with honesty and integrity.