Dec 22, 2010

My Birthday Present ~ Bear

I have wanted a dog for the longest time but living in an apartment that was really crammed with my husband and I, our 3 girls and 2 cats, it really wasn't an option.  Now that we have a 4 bedroom mobile home, approx. 1500 sq foot on 1/3 acre, a puppy was an option.  I occasionally would look at the ones online at our local Human Society and there were many cute ones.  But it wasn't until the day after Thanksgiving that I saw the one that was meant to be in our home.  There were 3 siblings; Sitka (my husband was raised in Sitka, Alaska), Bear (my husband collect's bear items and his magickal name is Bearclaw), and finally the sister Smarty.  They were Lab & Alaskan Malamute Mix.  

My husband called and left a message to see if Sitka was still there to be adopted as the website showed they had been surrendered 2 days prior.  I also called and found out Sitka and been adopted 2 hours prior but Bear was available.  

Anyway, to cut the story short, we adopted Bear, he was a birthday present to me and I love him.  He's helped with my depression and I feel myself smiling more and I do get outside the house taking him out.

Bear loves the snow and was on the local news a few days ago because he is soooo cute and loves the snow we are getting.

Dealing with chronic pain and fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and some other health issues, a dog or cat can definitely be theraputic. I love my Bear :-) 

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