Dec 7, 2010

Social Security Disability Update

Well, thanks to a friend's advice I was able to get some help from Senator's Reid's office.  The representative from his office got a status report and then requested an expedite since the report showed that my attorney had requested the hearing on my behalf in April 2010 but as of yet a date had not yet been scheduled by the Social Security Administration.

Well, the expedite request was a HUGE help, I have the hearing date for January 11, 2011.  I'm hoping this is the final step and we get approval from the judge, all of my doctor's feel that I will have no problem at this point.  

Thank you to all for the continued support, thoughts & prayers, I appreciate it so much and I'm so glad to have such an amazing support system of family, friends and fellow Fibromyalgia sufferers.


Stay tuned for updates!

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