Dec 5, 2010

Finally A Good Update on Disability Battle

Thanks to the suggestion of an associate and reader, I contacted my Nevada Senators, and Senator Reid's office was the first to respond and inquire with Social Security Disability on the status of my Disability Claim.  Initially they were told that I had an attorney and we had requested a hearing in April of this year.  And that guidelines allowed the Social Security Administration 12 months before they had to provide me with a date for the hearing.

The Representative from Senator Reid's office upon receiving this information requested an expedite after we discussed my family's situation financially and my finances preventing me from following up with some of my doctor's as often as I should due to the cost of my copays etc.  

Finally, we were given a date and time, January 11, 2011 I get my hearing and now just hope and pray for an approval which all of my doctor's feel won't be a problem.  This will help our family so much and will help me feel a bit better as I will feel as if I'm contributing a bit more to the family and hopefully we won't be struggling as much as we have for over 2 years due to my medical issues; surgeries, illnesses, etc.

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts & prayers and thank you so much to those that continue to send such kind notes of inspiration.

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