Jan 26, 2011

I AM ~ RIP Maison Ortiz

On January 19th, 2011 my daughter lost a friend, he was a 15 year old boy with a bright future ahead of him.  I wanted to share the story and a poem he wrote.  His name was Maison Ortiz.  While snow boarding, him and a friend found the conditions to be too icy so they decided to take it safe and walk down the hill, sadly, they also removed their helmets.  

And here is the poem, the title is "I Am"

I am colorful and creative
I wonder about later in my life
I hear music
I see amazing things
I want happiness
I am colorful and creative

I pretend to fly
I feel magical
I touch the clouds
I worry about how I do things
I cry when I am sad
I am colorful and creative

I understand why I need to work hard
I say what I believe in
I dream out loud
I try to improve on things I am not very good at
I hope to be successful
I am colorful and creative

By Maison Ortiz ~ 2010

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