Jan 17, 2011

Monday Blues

So today was a day off from homeschooling since it was Martin Luther King Jr's Day.  We still had to get up early to wait for the Direct TV rep to show up and hook us up, we were scheduled between 8am - noon.  

So my sister in law had called last night and we made plans to do lunch here with the girls and her awesome Tortilla Soup and a few rounds of Scrabble.  

Game day was fun, the Direct TV guy was late, called about 11:45am and said he was running behind but would be here in 15-20 minutes.  

I believe our definitions of that time frame are different since he didn't arrive until well after 1pm and actually closer to 2pm.  He was here almost 3 hours and some how disconnected our internet modem and told me he didn't do anything, it was just our router and that the connector slots were broke.  So here I sat trying to fix it before hubby got home.  And guess what, hubby came home to find the Direct TV guy hadn't connected the correct cables into the correct spots in the router; hence the reason we had no internet.

Gratefully hubby's work was short handed so they bought lunch for everyone since they had to work through lunches and he wasn't hungry when he got home, the girls and I had leftovers and I have to say the Spiral Baked Ham I made from last night tasted better today, yummo!

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