Nov 4, 2010

Update on my Plea For Help Letter

So yesterday I posted a copy of the "Plea for Help" letter I sent to my Senator in Nevada; Mr. Harry Reid.  Today I also emailed our new Govenor; Mr. Brian Sandoval, via his website: and our Leut. Govenor Mr. Brian Krolicki, via his website: ,  as well as our Secretary of State, Mr. Ross Miller via his website: . 

Hoping to receive some type of response soon.  It's so unfair the battle I'm going through and the suffering our family is going through financially as a result of my condition making it so I cannot work. 

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and stay tuned to see just how much our Nevada politicians truly do care about the people of Nevada.


Sue's Spot said...

So, did you contact these people by phone? If you call them, they may be more likely to get back to you/talk to you. If you are really interested in getting help, call them!

LunaWolf said...

I did call and I'm waiting a return call now.

Also thanked you in my update today.