Jan 17, 2011

Please "Tapp" / Vote for My Daughter's Bullying Video

Hi everyone, my daughter, Krystal is 15, she's the middle child and the shyest of all the girls. Recently she has been exploring YouTube and Twitter and has been making some videos and has made some friends.

One week she did a video with some friends on the topic of bullying, she is in a contest that runs weekly for a cash prize. We are asking for your "Tapp" or vote. You can "Tapp" once every 24 hours, this week just started and it would be so awesome to see her place.

She has helped so much the last 2 years during the time I spent alot of time inpatient in the hospital with multiple surgeries, illness at home and now I battle Fibromyalgia, chronic pain & Fatigue as well as severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Krystal is not like most 15 year olds, I'm grateful for that but sad at the same time. I'm sad that she's so nurturing and always trying to fill in to take care of the family when I can't, a child shouldn't have that burden or stress to worry about as well as keeping up with school.

Krystal is an honor student and homeschooled to be home with me and assist as needed as I am unable to sometimes do simple household chores etc.

Please click HERE to "Tapp" and be sure to bookmark to vote daily (every 24 hours) and if you can, please share the link.

Thank you for your support :) <3

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