Jan 3, 2011

Please Vote for My Daughter, Krystal

My daughter, Krystal is 15 years old. She is the middle child and the one that is the most shy. She has recently started making YouTube videos and is trying to make ones that are meaningful and inspirational. She also has been involved in our community by volunteering with the homeless and is always willing to help out someone in need.

Recently, she did a YouTube video on Bullying and has entered it in a contest. The reward for the top 3 videos is a cash prize. Krystal could do alot with the cash prize and deserves it. She is always putting others before herself and over the last 2 years has spent alot of her time unselfishly helping me as I have been ill, undergone a few surgeries including losing 85% of my colon and now battle daily chronic pain and fatigue with Fibromyalgia. Krystal is home-schooled and gives up alot of things most teenagers are doing like spending time with friends hanging out etc to be home taking care of me, cooking and cleaning as I more often than not can not perform normal daily household duties on my own.

Our family has battled financial hardship due to my health issues, finally after 2 years I have a disability hearing coming up and hopefully will finally be approved, this will help too. I would love to see Krystal win and have the money to unselfishly spoil herself, it's well deserved.

Please visit the contest site and vote every 24 hours, we both thank you and appreciate your vote and support.

To make your vote count, click HERE and click "Tapp."

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